SERMA Enduro Schedule

Saturday, February 3



Bring your helmet and AMA card!


Spagehetti Dinner Sponsored by GasGas Motorcycles.  Proceeds go to Camp Burnt Gin, a camp for children with disabilities.  Minimum $5 donation per plate.


Quiet period begins

No bikes, ATVS, or loud generators

Sunday, February 4



Pre-entry Registration will CLOSE at 8:00!

    Bring your helmet and AMA card!


Post Registration Unclaimed spots will be awarded to waiting list entrants.
    Bring your helmet and AMA card!


Rider's Meeting



Registration CLOSED

The people working registration have other tasks and must be able

to leave in order to get to them before the first rider comes through.

Even if you are on the last row, you must be signed in by 8:30!


Key Time

First rider leaves at 9:01


Last Rider Out



Last  C Rider Due in


Last  B Rider Due in  


Last Rider Due in



Protest Period Starts

For C riders Only


Last Rider Due in

For B riders Only


Protest Period Starts

For A/AA and Pro Riders Only

Course Details


Total miles

Three trailers will be provided to carry cans to each Main Gas location.

Be sure your jug is on the correct trailer based on your row assignment.


Start to Main Gas


Main Gas to End

Please!!! Riders and pit crews, do NOT block roads at any time!.








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