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6 Riders per row.  Spots on rows between 21 and 60 that end with "A" are reserved for AA/Pro Riders  Spots on rows between 21-30 that end with "A" are reserved for AA/Expert Riders.
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Sorry, but if your buddy can't make it, you can't take his spot.  That simply would not be fair to those that entered months earlier and are on rows 70 or later when you could enter today and be on a much earlier row by taking your buddy's spot.


Online Entries will open on Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 EST.

For all entries, read the disclaimer information below:


Sumter Enduro Entrant Disclaimer:


Pre-entry fees are $60 for all non-Pro riders, and $80 for Pro riders.  

Online entries require immediate payment via Paypal, and there is a $2 per entry internet convenience fee, in addition to the standard entry fee.

If you are entering more than one person and you want to ride together, you must pay for all of the entries with ONE payment.  Be sure to enter ALL the names you want to enter BEFORE clicking the make payment button.  SERMA will do our best to get all the riders you enter as close to their requested spots as possible, but we can't guarantee that will always happen.  Sometimes circumstances simply do not allow it.

There are NO REFUNDS if you can't make it to the event, and there are NO ROW CHANGES once a rider is assigned a spot.

  All riders will be required to sign a liability release form to participate in this event.  If you do NOT agree to these terms, then please click here to return to our home page.

If you agree to these terms and want to enter, click here.


 For more information, please visit the following pages:

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2019 Enduro Row Info Event Flyers Contact/Directions FAQs Past Results
If you agree to all of the terms set forth here and any subsequent terms set forth by SERMA, SETRA, the
South Carolina Forestry Commission,  and the AMA, then you may proceed to the
online entry page by clicking here.







T-shirt orders:

Fill in the form, completely!  Shipping charges are $6.50 for 1 to 3 shirts and $8.00 for 4 or more shirts.  You may pick the shirts up at the event and not pay shipping, but we do not offer refunds on unclaimed shirts!  To order shirts, click here.


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